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On the other hand, when you’re the only one working on keeping your relationship together, you’re only showing him that he doesn’t even have to lift a finger to make you commit to him.

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[Read: 10 most common mistakes women make in relationships] #2 Know the art of waiting.

They say that playing the waiting game is still essential if you want to have a secure relationship.

This way, he will realize that you are not completely under his control, and he will put an effort into keeping you. Men are naturally attracted to secure women who don’t become an extension of their significant others. Make it a point to show him that while you enjoy being with him, you also know how to do your own thing.

Don’t make him feel trapped in the relationship by making him the center of your world because you will only suffocate him.

Perhaps one of the greatest secrets of getting a man to commit is to not be readily available all the time.