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He wears a ponytail, a manicured goatee, "male make-up", and chews nicotine gum, much to Matthew's dismay. Crick leaves, and Patty tries to help Matthew, but Matthew can't help but think of Patty's reputation as a "slut." While searching one room, Matthew finds himself trapped in the bathroom when the occupant returns. Stern asserts that women, rather than men, should be in command.

Matthew is attacked by Wendy (Larisa Oleynik), until she recognizes him as a high school classmate. Stern (Aimee Graham) disparage Matthew, asserting that women are more dominant than men are. Rod tells Matthew that he's a chicken and should just give up on girls, while Matthew tells him that he has never been able to speak to girls, especially Cynthia (Jaime Pressly).

Matthew introduces Rod and Dora, and Arlene and Wendy hook up.

Cynthia shows off her newly found martial art abilities that she discovered as a way to cope with frustration following her injury, and Ms.

After releasing mice, he goes room to room, setting traps.

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    Thrust yourself to the front of the line of Amorous, a bustling furry night club that invites you to explore it's neon lights and eccentric characters.

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    I raised my head as much as I could, and looking down my chest, my eyes fell on a very unfamiliar sight. “Momo is Momo.” I slowly reached out to touch her head, feel her ears.

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