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~ Bangkok Post, 2015, If you look at the wrong site, type the wrong thing in a search or download something naughty, you could be in trouble, no joke.

The group are regulating content related to pornography, terrorism, drugs, spam, phishing and copyright infringement.

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A VPN is also an essential tool for writers, journalists, whistleblowers and anyone conducting online research, because it is a very real possibility that looking up the wrong thing online in Thailand will get you in trouble in the very near future.

So for the sake of a few dollars a month, it’s an essential investment.

And then there’s the wider issue that sites you visit are probably collecting your personal data for advertising purposes.

The worrying thing about being in Thailand is living in a condo block and sharing a network with many others, a network that is sub-contracted to an amateur web guy who sells on the services of True, 3BB and alike to folks like you.

I can see it now, expats and travellers paraded on Thai TV by police officials as online pirates attempting to use Thai web space illegally. It will be the guy that downloads a few movies or visits a couple of sites deemed “unsuitable” that gets made an example of . The authorities want to get past the political problems of the past few years, and part of that means making sure people don't share negative media or talk negatively about Thailand on social networking platforms and forums.

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