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is the basis for our current evaluation tool, and throughout the upcoming weeks we will be delving into the various components of the FFT (Framework for Teaching).

No matter which of the 4 Domains you may be focused on (, there are common themes that run throughout the framework, including: cultural responsiveness, high expectations for learning, developmental appropriateness, accommodating individual needs, and (most-importantly) the development of student-centered routines throughout the curriculum.

When a disability impacts a student’s ability to perform mathematic calculations, he or she may request permission to use a four-function calculator for math sections that do not permit the use of a calculator.

The use of a four-function calculator is limited as follows: Students allowed to use a calculator to take school tests are not necessarily eligible for a calculator accommodation on College Board assessments because College Board assessments can differ from classroom tests.

How then, can the Domains be evaluated after a formal observation?