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So, it was with Bill Torrey back in 1995 when I spoke to him and others on the day of the big night, albeit, with the four Stanley Cup rings, probably not the biggest night of his hockey life.That was the impression that Bill Torrey gave me—he was honoured, professionally, personally, but yeah, in a heartbeat he would certainly trade the plaque for a fifth Cup, for a series win over Gretzky and the Oilers that would give he and a few others a legit glove-full of precious jewelry.He had been gone from the Islanders for years, had taken on new responsibilities with the Panthers when hockey came to south Florida, but it’s the one that got away that you can’t stop reaching for.

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However, he is still dating Canadian model Nicole Williams, so there's no need to feel bad for him. It's been a pretty good offseason for Austin Howard. Then in July he married his babe of a wife, Larissa Johnson. Howard's now plays for the Raiders..Jets of the West. She's still got to get her application approved by Johnny's agent, and of course Drake always has the final say in such matters. However, if you look at her social media accounts these days, you won't find a hint of Willis, and she's definitely not wearing the giant rock he gave her. However, since neither of them have said anything publicly yet, I'm going to hold out hope that they're just "taking a break" and may still get back together...mainly because I really want to leave Shenae on this list..obvious reasons.

Perhaps the most famous college football WAG of all time (thanks to Brent Musberger), former beauty queen-turned-reality TV star Katherine Webb is now just another fish in the (crazy hot) NFL WAG pond.

At first I was afraid that Jessica had broken up with her boyfriend, Champ Bailey, because she stopped posting things on Twitter about six months ago.

Then I discovered they actually got married this summer, so crises averted.

Oh, and in case you didn't know, she's married to Bengals rookie backup QB AJ Mc Carron.