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He will be supported by Wor Bro Dr Ric Berman Prestonian Lecturer 2016 and author of the book “Foundations : A New Light on the Origins and Early Years of Grand Lodge”.On the nay side we are awash with academics, neither of whom are Freemasons.

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William Morrow, as Vice Chair took over the meeting on completion of the election, and on behalf of the Committee, thanked our Most Wor Grand Master for giving up his Saturday and Six Nation Rugby, to travel all the way up to Belfast for today’s meeting.

He then closed the meeting, after inviting all present to join him next door for a light lunch provided by Johnny Grayson and his team from Grayson Catering.

Sadly however, Vindex was alone in his determination to Stand Up and Be Counted.

The rulers of the day, took the view that it was better not to respond and so this worthy Brother did not get the support and credit that he was entitled to.

There is no need to take my word on any of this as these historical records are still available to those with the interest to look.