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“She changed so much over the next two years you wouldn’t believe it,” he said.“In the ninth grade she looked real tough.” Patty had something of a crush on Michael and pursued him throughout their freshman year at Greenhills High School. To everyone who knew her Patty was sweet, outgoing and disarmingly friendly. I was shy and self conscious, but Patty always said hello like we were pals,” said classmate Craig Smith.

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That afternoon her older brother Mel Jr., who had his own car and spent much of his last summer before college ferrying Patty and her friends around, drove her to a friend’s house where Patty admired her friend’s new puppy. dropped her off at Beth’s house on his way to a school board meeting.

Sometime shortly after pm Michael left his house and drove to the stables on Winton Road to pick up his sister Cheryl who, along with Ray (her boyfriend), was riding Ray’s horse.

Only half-awake, Michael looked out his front door which had a direct view of the activity in the yard, turned to his sister Cheryl and asked “Is she dead?

” He then went back to sleep on the sectional sofa in his living room.

He first began dating at the age of 13 and by his count had already gone steady twice by the time he was 15.