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Chatbots – also known as “conversational agents” – are software applications that mimic written or spoken human speech for the purposes of simulating a conversation or interaction with a real person.

Funkzter662(): socks :-) pmtorrone(): where are you?

Funkzter662(): i dont remember anyomre lol pmtorrone(): what are you wearing? s an entire group of people tricking others (using humans) to show themselves on webcams and then posting their photos. s the how-to on that as well, careful out there kids?

This type of chatbot lacks of adaptability and analytics capabilities of a human being to well understand a person’s expectations and intentions.

A rule-based chatbot will never be able to compete with his AI cousin. We are seeing the first in the market from the really big players: Alexa, Google home and Siri are fantastic examples.

However, the obstacles to overcome in their creation are still very much apparent: None of the above is insurmountable.