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She’s close with Dakota, and she’s close with Sam [Taylor-Johnson], who directed the first movie, and with the producers. But when I dropped out of uni and said I wanted to be a model—but I kind of wanted to be in a band, but essentially I wanted to be an actor—he said, “Life’s not a race to the far end.

I genuinely believe Zoolander isn’t that far off from some of those dudes. He failed his final exams at school; he failed the first year of university. Eventually, he fell in love with the idea once he specialized in obs and gynae.

Amanda Randolph Hearst (born January 5, 1984) is an American heiress to the Hearst Corporation, socialite, activist and fashion model with IMG Models agency, and heir to William Randolph Hearst`s media empire, which reports billion a year in annual revenue.

Tell us about your relationship with your daughter. I feel she's a beautiful young woman, and I think it's great she can motivate other young women.

I have five kids, and Amanda is my second oldest of two girls and three boys, but we're always saying that Amanda and I should have been sisters instead of mother and daughter because we're so close. How do you feel about her Instagram account overall? I just feel so proud of her and very happy that she's my daughter.

Amanda Randolph Hearst (born January 5, 1984) is an American socialite, activist, fashion model, and heiress to the Hearst Corporation, William Randolph Hearst's media conglomerate.

She is an associate market editor at Marie Claire and the founder of Friends of Finn, an organization dedicated to stopping the inhumane treatment of dogs in puppy mills.

I just thought, We don’t need to be flashing the rest if it’s not essential to the story.