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And these reasons have less to do with American women specifically than with American culture as a whole.

One thing that I didn’t notice before and only noticed now is that American culture is based on endless and endless talks, discussions and debates.

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In other words, you'll find people here you won't find elsewhere.

East Meet East’s searchable profile options are like no other – because it’s completely catered to the Asian American & Asian diaspora community.

It all started with a smile I sent her on the site, and we started talking.

She was still in Chicago at the time, but moved back to California shortly after.

Turn on the TV and you’ll be greeted by talk show after talk show consisting of people discussing all kinds of things.

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    It hurt, and he said it would probably be easier if you tried to ride it. he promised me he was disease free, and I let him take it off. I went to target, and bought the new Britney Spears cd, and jammed on it all the way home! I will update this list as we go so you will know for sure when I will be out of town.

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    And by doing that, I’ve been the happiest I have ever been in my career.”Rob Parker, an ESPN colleague and long-time friend, said he sees the change.

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    And while that may be true for some, a 2010 study by the University of Dundee in Scotland found that as women become more financially independent, their taste may skew toward older (and better-looking) men.