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Addie’s difficulties with language are much more attributable to her personality, her intelligent complexity and unique emotional make-up, than they are to a generalized theory of patriarchal oppression.

Patriarchal language repression would not explain Addie’s feelings as a young school teacher who hated the school children and could only feel connected to them or that she was making an impression on them when she was switching them.

Her ambiguous construction, when speaking of the school children, begins “I knew that it had been, not . It would be quiet there then, with the water bubbling up and away and the sun slanting quiet in the trees and the quiet smelling of damp and rotting leaves . Once she experiences not-aloneness, with her newborn Cash, she realizes that the students had never violated her aloneness, “that it had never been violated until Cash came . Addie’s chapter in As I Lay Dying is remarkable due to the fact that she is dead.

Addie is also the character that most successfully navigates or circumscribes the “lack” or void between life and words.

Addie discovers, through her relationship with her newborn Cash, that many of her previous feelings and ideas, such as how much she hated children, or how much she had hated teaching students, were not because her students had annoyed her, intruded on her or disturbed her.