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Neither Java nor XML Technology need an introduction, nor the synergy between the two: "Portable Code and Portable Data." With the growing interest in web services and e-business platforms, XML is joining Java in the developer's toolbox.

As of today, no less than six extensions to the Java Platform empower the developer when building XML-based applications: The first of the three articles in this series gave an overview of the different APIs available to the developer by presenting some sample programs.

Consult the documentation of prospective parsers to determine how to toggle this switch, and which is the default mode.

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The differences between validating and nonvalidating parsers are not quite as clear as you might think.

According to the XML 1.0 specification ( TR/REC-xml#proc-types), Validating processors must, at user option, report violations of the constraints expressed by the declarations in the DTD, and failures to fulfill the validity constraints given in this specification.

The differences in performance were addressed in the second article.

This third article gives tips on improving the performance of XML-based applications from a programmatic and architectural point of view.

Because validation can significantly impact performance, especially when long and complex DTDs are involved.