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He has also been seen getting cozy with another attractive gentleman in recent photos, suggesting that he and Cooper may just be friends or their fling is over.These photos fueled speculation that Cooper may have called it quits with Maisani after nine years with the gay club proprietor That did not initially seem to be the case, with Maisani, 45, accompanying Cooper to the 2018 Windward School Benefit in New York City where the Anderson 360 host was one of the honorees just this past weekend.So why did he finally speak out after staying mum on the topic for years?

That trip came after Cooper had performed his AC2 show in New York City alongside Andy Cohen, with his live in Maisani one of the guests in attendance.

The next stop on that tour was in Boston, and Lopez did the travelling that time, heading up to Boston to watch Cooper perform and posting photos from the audience.

We are still family to each other, and love each other very much,' said Cooper in a statement (Cooper left and Maisani right on Tuesday as they left home at same time) Big day: Cooper is pictured with Lopez in photos posted to social media from January and February, when he attended a 33rd birthday party for his new friend (Cooper and Lopez above on February 17 at Lopez's birthday)Cooper was first spotted in Dallas the weekend before Christmas, staying at a luxury hotel where he was unable to avoid bumping into at least one excited couple, who snapped a photo with the on-air personality.

He stayed put in New York City over the holidays due to his annual New Year’s Eve hosting duties on CNN, but was back in Texas the following weekend.

That is when Lopez posted the first image of the two men together, which showed them sitting together in a car.