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So he started living with his mother along the two-half sisters from the mother side with the stepfather in Grand Rapids.But after some time he persuaded his mother that he wants to live with his father, “Peggy” agreed and then he started living with his dad.😎⚡️🎤 #Rita Del Valle Cruz #Fashion #Fashion Designer #Antony Kiedis #Chili Peppers #Red Hot Chili Peppers A post shared by Rita Cruz (@ritadelvallecruz) on I’ve been seeing this on Instagram but didn’t know the original source (thanks to Clara for the heads up).

the privacy policy (even though we don’t email posters, keep a database for use, sell data or do anything like that! Hopefully, the comments thing is sorted with the Word Press upgrade (there’s a new tick box to select on the form) so I’ve turned comments back on.

Some snowboards I designed a while back for @chilipeppers and @burtonsnowboards 🌴I'm open for commissions for the next month so if you want something designed for your band/brand hit me up via the contact form on my website.

You can read the interview with Martin Churba talking about the experience HERE (there are several photos of Anthony on the page).

A selection of photos from Instagram: Anthony Kiedis watching a fashion show in Argentina ❤ #anthonykiedis #ak #rhcp #chilipeppers #redhotchilipeppers #chilipeppers #rhcpfan #rhcpforever #chadsmith #flea #fleabalzary #michaelbalzary #joshklinghoffer A post shared by wa loves rhcp & 5sos 🌶 (@loverhcpand5sos) on Anthony Kiedis watching a fashion show in Argentina ❤ #anthonykiedis #ak #rhcp #chilipeppers #redhotchilipeppers #chilipeppers #rhcpfan #rhcpforever #chadsmith #flea #fleabalzary #michaelbalzary #joshklinghoffer A post shared by wa loves rhcp & 5sos 🌶 (@loverhcpand5sos) on Desfile @tramandoar con celebrities internacionales !

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