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Gibbon in his "Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, ' chap. »«***« "Then longe folks to go on pilgrimages "And palmers for to seeke strange strands "To feme hallows couth in sundry lands; Prom Spencer's "Fairie Queene we extract — Rook 2, Canto 1 — "Him als acompany'd upon the way "A comely Palmer clad in black attire; Of ripest years and hairs all hoarie gray "That with a staff his feeble limbs did stlre "Lest his long way his aged limbs should tirr, "And if by looks one may the mind aread, "He seemed to be a sage and sober sire. — Sir Walter Scott — "Here is a Holy Palmer come, "From 'Salem first, and last from Rome: "One that liath kissed the blessed tomb "And visited each holy shrine "In Araby and Palestine; "On hills of Armenia hath been "Where Noah's ark may yet be seen; "By that Red Sea, too, hath he trode, "Which parted at the prophet's rod; "In Sinai's wilderness he saw "The mount where Israel heard the law "Mid thunder-dint and flashing levin "And shadows, mists and darkness given." Extract from "The Palmer" by Felicia Hemans — "Art thou come from the far-oft land at last? "Thou art come to a home whence the smile has passed, "With the merry voice of song. "I have brought but the palm branch in my hand "Yet I call not my bright youth lost!

TOHSJ GIBBONS BETHEL HOB'T SODTHKHY' ROH'T PTLE ANCIENT MAP OF CONCOKD AND VICINITY. In witness hereof he hath hereunto Set his hand this the Thirteenth day of December Ano D'm 1697.

or his heirs or =^=i S '■ -^ "'^^'"^^^^■i Hii Bi8«i^ INCIDENTAL vii by his or their means privity or procurem't.

The word Palmer as a surname traces its origin from the time of the Crusades in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. to Hannah Glover at Ba^hurst in Southamptonshire, Eng- land, 2 mo. 1891 ; thev emigrated to Birmingham, Chester (now Delaware) CO., Pa., and lived for some time in a cave.

It may be proper to observe that tlie cause of this is owing to the lack of positive records and difflculty in obtaining correct information; and so, with the materials at hand, I proceed to their arrangement. The elder Joseph Gilpin; fson of Thomas and Joan of Warborou^h) was m.

Thomas of Canterbury; the Palmer' as his Sobriquett proves, had forlorn and weary battled against all difficulties and trod the path that led to the Holy Sepulchre." "The Faded palm branch in his hand. We therefor find, though centuries had interveiied after the Bible accounts were written that the same idea of its superior virtue prevailed and that those infatuated bands— the Crusaders — who sought the deliverance of the Holy Land under Peter the Hermit, Richard (cour de Lion) &c. Chaucer uses it in The Prologue to the Canterbury Tales. The prefix De denotes this, and Gilpin the name of a family estate tn Normandy, from which surnames were largely taken.