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A perfect curl of white sand around a dazzling turquoise ocean comes into view. ” asks Joseph, pointing to a blonde log on the shore.

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Instead, they’re prepping to record a special video for their 1998 song Come Back Darling.

(The video can be seen here.) While the words of the song were originally written to represent lost love, this new incarnation is aimed at tourists who – since September’s three hurricanes, including the devastating Irma, ripped through the region – have largely believed the Caribbean islands to be off-limits.

Yellow-tailed snapper dart about, and, deeper down, day-glo blue tang snoop around the rocks.

By the time we emerge, the crew is in party spirits – and as Captain Joseph sails us around the coast to a beach, crew member Anthony hurls open his ice box ready to serve pina coladas and rum punches.

As a relative newcomer to the island, hurricanes aren’t something he’s used to (he drank his best bottle of wine while sheltering from Irma, he says, just in case he didn’t make it out alive), but for Antiguans, it’s different.