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Take that, But here's where the discrepancy comes in: hetero women aren't taking advantage of it.

Only 29 percent of women initiate the first kiss or sex for the first time (23 percent). Remember that "rule" about not discussing politics on a first date? The 2016 election was an unavoidable topic of discussion on every one of my first dates in the past year — and I'm happy it came up. When it came to the biggest turnoffs, who you voted for was almost just as important as to whether you even voted.

S., to set the record straight about what it's like to be single now across the country.

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Technology, instant gratification, swiping left and right — what's it all doing to us?

Match's survey reveals it's got us somewhere in between being hooked and totally fatigued.

Considering we're meeting so many people online instead of IRL, it makes sense that someone's online behavior holds the most weight. It's a tie between someone's social media posts and their photos.

Next comes their grammar, then their teeth/smile, and next up is their outfit.

This is the second of a three-part series solely focused on the effects of technology on human communication and social interactions, specifically on younger generations of people and students.