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Unlike our servants Pharaoh and Herod who took out kids after they were born, we now take them out while they are still being knitted by HIM (Psalm 139) in their mother's womb (A mother who kills her own kid is a beautiful thing to us hellish demons!!!! We have placed it in the humans' minds that these kids are just blobs of tissue, even though they are human looking, feel joy and pain, suck their thumbs, and are growing.

HIS command to "go forth and multiply" has now become "go forth and murder"!!!!

We want all 6 billion people on the planet "thinking for themselves", you know, like we did with Hitler and Stalin.

It's like having everyone drive on the freeway making up their own rules as they drive. We want "freethinkers" everywhere, because "freethinkers" always morph into "Me-thinkers".

By donating, YOU are helping The Blessed Virgin Mary to fight the enemy of mankind, lucifer.

As the world gets darker and darker, we her children (Revelation ) MUST fight back against the powers of hell. You must sufficiently torment your subject while you can, so as to prevent any deathbed conversions.

And even though the humans have ultrasound now which shows all of this to them, most people tend to ignore this science available to them, in favor of politics, personal convenience, and choice (what a wonderful word our Human Deception Committee came up with to deceive the earthly populace!