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But, as Islam took over these nations from the 7th century, a spiritual battle between truth and error has emerged, with the Arab nations being used as a vehicle for practical expression of this battle.

We have also seen that what the media describes as 'occupied land', cannot be described as occupied from a legal point of view.

Between 19 Jordan simply attempted illegal annexation of this newly gained territory.

Eminent legal scholars, such as Eugene Rostow (Undersecretary of State to Lyndon Johnson and Professor Emeritus at Yale Law School) therefore maintain that Israeli settlers have as much right to live in the West Bank as non-Jews.

Significantly, Jerusalem became holy to Muslims as the site where tradition says Mohammed ascended to heaven (although some claim he never set foot in Jerusalem).

Over this period most of the population gradually accepted Islam and so by the mid 19th century the area was occupied by some 400,000 Muslims, 75,000 Christians and 25,000 Jews [World Vision].

These areas had never formally been allocated to Jordan and so were strictly unallocated Palestine Mandate territory.