Are andy and erin dating on the office

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6.) Robert California People are hot or cold on James Spader's lone Here's how it happens: Robert interviews for the vacated manager position.

Once he's hired he decides that he doesn't want to be with the folks in Scranton, travels to Florida, talks CEO Jo Bennett out of her job and becomes the company's new #1.

The plot line is seemingly glossed over until you see one of the deleted scenes, where over the phone, David Wallace rips Ryan a new one while Michael pleads to keep him. because it’s relatable; we’ve all worked with a Creed, Meredith, Oscar, and Kevin, and have done our best to leave some of them far out of our memory when we hit the punch clock.

In earlier seasons of Later in the series, this rule was broken, as mostly everyone seemed to attend everyone else’s functions, including Andy’s musical and the baptism of Jim and Pam’s child Cece.

4.) Rehearsal Dinner Jim and Pam held their wedding in Niagara Falls—many, many miles away from Scranton—to discourage any of their co-workers from attending.