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Let's not just lump all those lovely hardworking crockpots together.

#This Is Us— Dan Fogelman (@Dan_Fogelman) January 24, 2018Ventimiglia, who plays Jack, also defended Crock-Pot in a Super Bowl commercial.

Related: Sterling K Brown knows exactly what happens in a major season 3 spoiler NBC released the first trailer for season two during its Upfronts presentation in May 2017, but we were denied a similar sneak peek this year and season three's first teaser is yet to emerge.

You’re all familiar with my Psycho Ex—the one I had to get a restraining order against, that special guy who sent my naked photos to our coworkers. I waited an entire year before dating anyone else to ensure I wasn’t on the rebound and was capable of making healthy, emotionally mature choices. I really didn’t see it coming– he was so damn charming on the first date, insisting we do three things completely new to me: An NBA game, ice skating, and sad drunken karaoke.

Jack was shown saving his family, the dog and some possessions form the house, before succumbing to smoke inhalation and dying of cardiac complications at the hospital. fans no longer trust their Crock-Pot slow cookers with the company having to defend their product in a lengthy technical statement.