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The sad thing is that I never have been pranked - I'm just absurdly suspicious that if someone attractive is talking to me it's probably out of pity or boredom or something like that.

I have apparently missed out on some very blatant flirtation because of this. This always messes me up, but I've always been attracted to really smart/knowledgeable guys.

I have been told enough by others that I am a very good looking 23 y old man, and I don't mean to brag at all, but the same thoughts enter my mind when I even consider approaching girls I'm attracted to.

I just always back out, hoping someone will talk to me first even though I know if I go over, I think I could get the #. It comes down to thinking versus doing, and most likely realizing soon after the doing that each individual is completely unique in their own right, and circumstances are particular to them as well.

Everyone finds different things attractive and I've never found a guy unapproachable based on that scale, it's always been about behaviour and the vibes he gives off.