As updating an ms access db

The article that Daniel sent is very good but not quite enough information for me given my current skill set with Access.

Of the options presented in the article the following approach looks the most promising: "Use a Custom Calendar Form In addition to the previous techniques, you may want a calendar that always appears, exactly like the old Calendar control.

In the ribbon, in the Tools group, select View Code. Would screenshots of the design view be helpful or would you want the Visual Basic code such as I've copied in earlier posts? If it is possible, post a copy of the db with just a few rows of data.

as updating an ms access db-3

So, thanks to both of you the date picker does seem to be working generally within the application and my database.

It's actually a very cool feature -- for the last 10 years I've been entering dates manually for many fields and now it is just a simple click on the calendar.

Nick, I was able to merge those registry entries but I don't see the MSCAL.

OCX as an option under the "Available References" dialogue in Access.

Answering my own question I can say that removing the old control does not help.