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When we left the episode, Ashley and Mike were on good terms and still in contact. 12, 2013, Mike This is the one that started them all.

Sunny was the very first person to appear on Catfish.

have already revealed to the media that they are a couple after the show.

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After the episode aired, Dorion and Raffinee were still together, but in an interview with Dorion, Raffinee, and Alexis, the couple didn't seem like they were on the same page in their relationship.

At least they have their love for each other in common.

Rod thought he had been speaking to a transgender woman named Ebony for a few years, under the name "KJ" and using photos of his cousin instead of himself.

When they finally met in person, Ebony was pretty upset about the truth, but then she dropped an even bigger bombshell on Rod: She has an 11-year-old daughter and she was not in fact transgender, she was born a woman.

The show that made you terrified to go online is back.