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You’re out in the hot sun, working; who has the time? There are other ways you need to be spending your time in, ways that don’t involve going outside to spray-paint your lawn back into a lush and appealing green… Do you really want to be outside for a couple of hours every week, lugging around your spraying equipment, making sure you’ve gotten every last nook and cranny to avoid any telltale giveaway patches of brown?Nobody wants the headache of dealing with a homeowner’s association after going through the time, trouble and expense of having their lawns painted in the first place.The Smart Decision in Uncertain Times With the ongoing drought , strict regulations have been passed by Governor Brown concerning the conservation of water.

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Californians have buckled down, and have thus far exceeded the requirements of the governor’s austerity measures, but by the same token many citizens are now facing fines related to the unsightly appearance of lawns covered in dried-up, dead brown grass.

These fines can reach $500 a pop, and are cumulative.

It maintains the appearance of a healthy, verdant landscape and improves the value of your property relative to that of your neighbors.

Individuals who practice lawn painting during the hottest months of the year have seen their water bills reduced by more than 50%, from well over $100/month to as little as $35-$40.

A simple bucket-and-sprayer setup might take hours to complete.