Aussie tradies dating

Rebecca said similar initiatives were being tried on the Sunshine Coast."We have promotions like Tradie Tuesday night," she said, adding that the offer of a room discount and free sausage sizzle and soft drink was not having a substantial impact.

"It's the girls dressing up in tradie gear that brings them in more than anything else."Rebecca would not reveal the amount the brothel paid on licensing fees, but said it was "way over the top" because they could only advertise in the local newspaper or on their website.

"Date A Tradie" is a dating app specifically designed for people who get their rocks off for all things trade-related; from carpenters to electricians, lollipop ladies to builders, this thing is the place to be for anyone who can't resist a ute and a toolbelt.

As reports, it's pretty similar to your standard dating app in that you swipe left for no and right for yes, "though it operates on a sliding scale led by a love heart".

The 42 year old said he would only date white men because “nothing else seems right”.“To me white people are the epitome of class and the gold standard of desirability,” he said.“I really feel the white race is the superior one today.