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I remember NOT having to lock our house doors at night... I remember NOT having a computer or a cell phone, x-boxes or an MP3 - just a black and white t.v., a radio.......not caring to be inside on a beautiful day - had to go out and play with the neighborhood boys - riding bikes, climbing trees, playing ball, getting dirty Things that ALL kids need to experience.

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I remember getting our first stereoseeing the Beatles and Elvis on the Ed Sullivan Showtrue value stamps (my mother made me lick them .....yuck)Sinclaire Gas Station (green dino)the show Here Comes the Brides ( I had a thing for Bobby Sherman)Campfire Girls (I got kicked out......)singing soprano in the church choir (you should hear my voice now) Oh Yes... I remember sneaking a poster of him into church, folded up and stuck in my bible, to share with the girls in Sunday School... Spending every summer afternoon at the pool and never using sun screen or lotion. Watching Death Valley Days and The Lawrence Welk Show on Saturday evenings.

Being scared at night because my parents let me watch "Lost In Space" (I was little then, so men dressed up as bugs or robots going crazy, scared me!

)Watching "Sunny and Cher", and "The Carol Burnett Show" and "The Jackie Gleason Show" and "Man From Uncle". You all remember watching Emergency, Shazam and Isis, the real Bozo the clown, the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew mysteries.

Having a crush on Dean Martin, Chad Everett and Hans clark five,davey and golithie.combat ,batman,flower power ,crimson and,watergate,john kenndy.burning bras.blackpower,riots,veitnam.orangesunshine,opendoor .jesus christ superstar.landing on the moon hummmm.hippies.yuppies.poodle skirts.saddle oxffords.patched jeans. Bay City Rollers - Da do run run Shawn Cassidy David Cassidy - when he looked goodand lets not forget HEY HEY were the Monkeys!

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