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[3] The use of traps and undercover agents by the police, both for the prevention and the detection of crime, is long established, both here and overseas.

However, because it can be seen as generating the crimes under investigation, it is regarded as controversial as a matter of principle and, even in circumstances where resort to its use may be thought to be acceptable, there is room for concern because the methods adopted by the trap or agent involve deception and can readily be abused.

Kotzè suggested a house owned by his mother but this was unsuitable and the following day the Terblanches found a house at Mc Dougall’s Bay.

In the course of effecting introductions Terblanche told Kotzè that he was a retired policeman, to which he says Kotzè responded by saying; ‘Ek is ʼn smokkelaar.’ Kotzè said he had no recollection of making such a comment but accepts that he might have done so in jest.

Overall it is clear that he is person of financial substance and some wealth.