are holland roland and colton haynes dating - Backdating income levy

You may claim where you are working for an employer, self-employed or receiving a benefit or allowance payable by Job Centre Plus where you have to pay rent for the property you live in.

You may pay rent to a private landlord or to a Housing Association e.g. Housing Benefit is a means tested benefit which means that your personal and financial circumstances will determine how much help we can give you.

Sometimes, such as if you move house different rules apply. HB, LHA and CTB cannot normally be backdated, so you could lose benefit if you delay in claiming.

You can ask for a late claim to be backdated, this request must be in writing on the application form, or in a separate letter, but we will have to be sure that there is good cause for your delay in claiming.

Complete your application form and return it with all the relevant original documents as soon as possible.

The claim form tells you exactly what you need to send us.

You must contact us for an application form or download one on from the 'Benefits' page on this website.