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The soil not covered by ice can only feed a fraction of the Earth’s population.

Titan maps are listed as 48-player size as to not conflict with future installations of 64-player size maps. This is a beta version so remember that some bugs are to be expected.

When you capture a flag you own control of the Silo associated with that flag.

- Adjusted Talon heat source position to improve Gunship missile balance.

- Beta Feedback: Fixed the placement of an AA gun on Highway Tampa - Beta Feedback: Improved the visuals of the swimming pool on Highway Tampa | 367.66 MB FEATURES - Added a new map - Highway Tampa. After you customise a kit and spawn in with that kit, the customisation will be automatically saved until you change it and spawn in again.

Any issues experienced during the use of these files should be reported to the EA Battlefield 2142 Beta [url="