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I have an M-4/M-8A1 set for which I know the exact date of issue. "Ike" Dye on -- the day before the Southern France invasion. From the bottom:- First issue M8, no hook and short web- First issue M8A1, long web but still marked only M8- Current M8A1 (arsenal refurbished), marked M8A1To complete the serie it miss the first issue M8 short web with the M1910 hook added and stitched more or less professionally. It HAD a name tape on it..someone took would have been issued...

This the earliest I have seen the M-4 knife-bayonet and M-8 (M-8A1) in overseas use -- and in the MTO at that. but it says USM8..the USM8 made from parts issued to soldiers?

Guard marked M3s were made from November 1943 to July 1944, and would normally be only found in the M8 scabbard although some of the very early production MAY have been issued in the M6.

The changeover from the M3 knife to the M4 knife-bayonet and the change from the M8 to the M8A1 both occurred in July 1944 and the M4 should normally be found in the M8A1 scabbard.

KGr Hgo OKi0Ejl Lm Uv Dq BJb WYoo_The one shown in the photos was an M8A1 from which the double hook was removed.