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We hardly need a lecture on facial expression to know that a grim, expressionless and saddened face typically delivers very bad news.

With a smirk on his face the head of cardiology told the wife and kids that their dad had just died on the surgical table. But in response to a surgery gone bad the misplaced smile created deep turmoil and anger.

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People have a gut level negative response to a candidate with an inappropriate paste-on smile. How could a candidate smile when she was being verbally demeaned and demolished by her opponent? Much as we are hyper sensitive over our use of spoken and written language maybe our facial expression, rolling eyes, lifting of our eyebrows, hissing sounds between our lips, fidgeting of our hands, making fists and flashing inappropriate smiles are also fair game.

Intolerant, condescending, dismissive, impatient, abusive behavior is not limited to words.

I laugh inappropriately to the context of the situation very often. Sometimes when I am really mad or sad I will burst into laughing and tearing from the eyes.

It is not out of malice, it's just sometimes I try to see the absurdity as the lighter side of things. it could be out of his control, or his way of coping.

The humiliations spread throughout the division and went viral as workplace attitudes soured, black humor rose, and abusive behavior among coworkers became commonplace.