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It was a delightful, controlled performance by Casey who really seems to be taking the judges advice to heart and reigning in his growling.Steven summed it up best when he said what fans have been saying from the beginning: Casey is more than a singer; he is a true musician.

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Lauren’s voice was spot on but one can’t help but wonder where the playful, confident girl from auditions and Hollywood week has gone.

Despite her beautiful voice, she seemed to be channeling Thia Megia with her lack of connection to the song or the audience.

AAs the numbers dwindle, predictions become more difficult.

The panel featured Steven Slate, one of the top audio producers, Brian London, a music director for some of the biggest artists, including Katy Perry, Rihanna, Jason Derulo, and Lady Gaga, Ryan Rabin, the drummer and producer for the band Grouplove, and Haley Reinhart, a former third place finalist on who is now signed with Interscope Records.

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