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Here is the quick list of the top two dating sites in Turkey. Arab Lounge is part of the World Singles Network and lets its members extend their search for matches to other sites in this network.

Though the user-base is smaller than many other sites, with about 30,000 visitors a day, overall I found the site well-designed and easy to navigate and use.

8 – Galata Bridge is the place where cheap and delicious fish sandwiches are sold.

9 – The Dolmabahçe Clock tower is 27 metres high and was built in 1895 10 – Flower passage is now full of restaurants but its history talks about the Russian women that used to sell flowers there 11 – The best way to see across the horizon of Istanbul is from Galata tower, which is 66.90 metres tall.

I’ve had some good close friends who are from Turkey.