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Still…this was literally the first 'good' thing he had gotten since being trapped into that game that he didn't actively work for and that wasn't involved with his goddamn 'power'.

And that, in a way, made it immensely valuable for the black-haired boy.

Now, it was time to clear that goddammed second floor without anything weirdly convoluted happening! " commented Argo as the trio left behind the door that led from the previous Floor's stairs to the current one, a tired but victorious grin in her face.

"Also, woah, that was certainly quite a mess of a Boss Fight…I'm glad I stuck with you two to level up…""Don't you mind you're glad we do most of the work while you just follow along?

" asked Asuna while scowling towards the whiskered girl, who only offered her a cheeky grin in return.

"Ugh…I can't deny you were amazing and pretty much the main reason that surprise Boss didn't screw everything over, though, so…good job on that.""Oh, Aa-chan, try to drop the 'Tsun' a bit more, yeah?

Aren't you supposed to be looking for Info to sell or something?!