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Chocolate, 100 percent; salad, 97 percent; sushi, 93 percent; avocado, 91 percent; pasta, 75 percent; cheese, 75 percent; cake, 72 percent; burger, 68 percent.

want to catch a date: yams (-70 percent) and fried chicken (-15 percent).

Scott Valdez, the fouder of Virtual Dating (Vi DA), makes a living out of helping people perfect their profiles to attract the attention of their target market.

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The app will analyze your profile, and after a little while, you’ll get an email with tips on how to tune it up.

We’re starting with photos, and we’ll start doing profile text and messages in a few weeks.

), these qualities can make or break the first impression. These easy-to-fix mistakes make online dating harder than it should be. It’s built on Ruby on Rails, hosted on Heroku, with a lot of the image rating done via Clarifai.

A lot is going on, so we have to send the report to your email address once it’s ready. Click here and then log in to your online dating platform (it works with Tinder and Ok Cupid, with Bumble coming soon).

It’s important to represent yourself in the best possible light.