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Faith Missionary Bible Institute recognizes the importance of the faith that you entrust to us. FMA&BI is an outreach ministry of Faith Missionary Church; which is a nondenominational, fundamental, full gospel, community church; established in the 1970′s. Our reliance upon the King James Version of the Holy Bible is based upon two reasons.

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You may attach copies of any verifiable certificates, or other documents that you feel are indicated. A resume or portfolio will be evaluated and a substantial amount of credit may be awarded for previous study; either personal or formal, as well as ministerial or educational activities; however, no honorary degrees will be awarded and no student will be awarded any degree without completion of academic studies with Faith Missionary Bible Institute.

Additionally; please note we also accept transfer credit from other reputable institutions of higher learning. When a resume, portfolio or transfer credits on an official transcript from another reputable educational institution warrants advanced standing; a degree completion proposal will be forwarded to the student that will enable the student to complete all necessary assignments and earn an official degree from Faith Missionary Bible Institute.

It contains the best references on: WATER BAPTISM PRAYER BIBLE STUDY THE CHURCH MEEKNESS OBEDIENCE WORLDLINESS HOLINESS CRUCIFIXION HOLY SPIRIT BAPTISM DIVINE HEALING GIFTS OF THE SPIRIT THE SUPERNATURAL Basic Bible Course I Book 3 Course one book three contains 36 pages and 166 questions. If partial services were rendered; the equivalent partial payment will be refunded.

It contains the best references on: THE INSTITUTION OF MARRIAGE THE CHURCH THE PLAN OF THE END HEAVEN AND HELL DEMONS AND ANGELS FALSE DOCTRINES BIBLE CORRESPONDENCE Course VII Book 1 A DEVOTIONAL BIBLE STUDY FOR MINISTERS, CHRISTIAN WORKERS, AND CHURCH TEACHERS * SERVING GOD & SHARING CHRIST * THE WORTH OF SOULS * OUR CHRISTIAN CONVERSATION * YOUR PERSONAL TESTIMONY * CHURCH WORKERS * FAITHFULNESS, LOYALTY, & REWARDS * EXHORTATION & PREACHING BIBLE CORRESPONDENCE Course VII Book 2 Revelation End of the World Order of End-Time Events BIBLE CORRESPONDENCE Course VII Book 3 A chapter by chapter summary of things soon to befall the earth Revelation: Chapter by Chapter Little Apocalypse of Jesus BIBLE CORRESPONDENCE Course VII Book 4 Dealing with Persecution Preach the Gospel THE COMING WORLDWIDE WAVE OF PERSECUTION AND HOW TO DEAL WITH IT Course VIII Christology The subject of “Jesus” is the most important matter that we can think, write, or talk about. Fees paid and not requested for refund within a six month time period after enrollment will be considered forfeited.

Faith Missionary Bible Institute; Covington, Louisiana offers religious non-secular Bible college degrees via nonresident study. That having been said; our primary doctrine, belief and reason for teaching is our faith in the authority and authenticity of the Holy Bible.