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More precisely, founder and CEO Ken Ham is front and center, with numerous video clips, screenshots, and a continuation of Nye’s misguided notion of the Creation Museum being “Ken Ham’s anti-evolution establishment” and the Ark being “Ken Ham’s new creationist park.” On day two of the Ark Encounter’s opening week, Bill Nye “the Science Guy” accepted Ken Ham’s invitation to take a tour of the Ark with him. Nye decided to turn the walk-through into a debate, with his documentary crew in tow.Those who watched the debate between Ken and Bill in 2014 may recall Nye’s repeated use of terminology such as “Ken Ham’s model” and “Ken Ham’s followers.” We point out yet again that the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter were and are projects supported by thousands of like-minded believers all over the world, and any reference to “Ken Ham’s” teachings are referring to the beliefs of anyone that reads the book of Genesis plainly.

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Bill opined the supposed irony of the Juno space station orbiting as he distantly viewed the Ark in Williamstown, Kentucky, calling the huge ship a monument to “anti-science.” Again he overlooked the claims of dozens of exhibits inside and even the remarkable design of the Ark itself.

One would have thought that, as an engineer, Bill would have at least commented on the craftmanship, size, and quality of the Ark, but Bill remained silent on that, even as he walked through the Ark with Ken for two hours.

Burgess referred to his efforts in “Why Biblical Creation Is Good Science”), not chance over any length of time.

How much more do the complexities and beauty of nature need to show?

Nye, they assert, is today’s reliable spokesperson for science issues.