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A sweet cherry tobacco pipe puffing away over a manly patchouli, tonka and cedar wood base.

I try not to let price point skew my impression of a scent, and that's why I feel no shame in saying this is a masterpiece and definitely in my Top 10 scents.

As noted below, there is some sweetness but I'd leave it out of the gourmand category.

This one would perhaps sit most comfortably alongside 90s releases such Versace’s The Dreamer (1996), Dolce and Gabbana Pour Homme (1994) and the above mentioned Le Male. What you spray is what you get several (in fact many many) hours later.

Bogart’s beast could smell ever so slightly dated to some and if we are being picky it does seem rather synthetic.

JB smells completely different for the current most known eau de toilettes. It could be a good frag for work/office or if you like it when you wear suit. Scent (40%) = 6.0 Performance (30%) = 8.0 Compliments (20%) = 4.0 Cost/Quality (10%) = 8.0 Mark = 6.4 Bogart Pour Homme from the house of Jacques Bogart is a fragrance that sounds profoundly unpromising.