Bios updating error code 144

The update uses Pheonix' Win Phlash program to flash the BIOS. You download an executable, sure, but what it does is to unpack itself in some folder or other and then execute the Win Phlash program.This pops up the main window/dialog for the app but auto-executes it. So I googled for a while, varying my search terms, and eventually came across a hint that the error meant that you shouldn't flash while on battery power.With this laptop, if you try and run it with the now dead battery installed, and the AC adaptor plugged in, the screen is very dull and then it turns the backlight off.

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Here's the trouble, though: if you're suffering the 'battery cannot be identified' fault, or perhaps also the 'AC adaptor cannot be determined' one (unsure about this one), you may be in the position where the battery does not charge and has depleted to no charge.

My laptop won't start up without the battery, even though it was claiming it couldn't identify it (although I notice many 1501s will start up without battery...) and once Windows had booted, the battery meter was saying the battery was at 3% charge and discharging.

I also tried flashing it with the original BIOS file 2.6.1 as suggested as a cure on another forum where it was said that a newer BIOS update didn't cure the problem, but flashing with the original version did. I now have no message about the battery but it won't charge. But however I have tried to do all the things I have read up on and with battery in I get 144 message about battery when I take battery out I get 144 message about power adapter and still wont let me flash bios IDFK what else I can do.

It's not a battery issue as this is the 2nd battery I've tried. hopefully a new battery will charge w/ updated bios.

It only charges while the notebook on on sleep mode on when switched off. The solution to the scenario I described above worked for me 18 months ago.