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The best aspect is that it usually starts flowering when quite young, so the blooms are close at hand (nose).

I have seen flowers on plants in nursery pots, 36" tall.

Fortunately for me, an acquaintance from Demopolis introduced me to the name that's more familiar to you – and what a great name: cowcumber.

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That appellation became tied to this magnolia, no doubt, because the shape of its fruit reminds of small cucumbers; never mind that they're hot pink with the ripened red seeds bursting out of them and hanging by a thin, pale thread.

It's a fruit structure and color common to all magnolias, with some variation.

It is not the easiest tree to "fit" into most gardens and in open, sunny areas the large leaves will yellow and become tattered by late summer.

Be patient also, as this species can take decades to flower.

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