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I would think things like, “Well, things seem good, but what if she’s doing something behind my back and playing me for a fool, etc.

etc.” This type of thing has a lot more to do with our own personal insecurities and not so much with what the other person is or isn’t doing.

It’s reasonable to interpret that as meaning you’ve agreed to not date anyone or sleep with anyone else, but I want to ask: when you agreed to be exclusive, how did this come about?

How clear was his side of the agreement to being committed?

I know I am being sneaky/snoopy by checking up on him to see how often her goes on the site (and he goes on often! It’s not like I’d call this guy my boyfriend already, I know it’s still early… Author’s note: I have expanded the content of this article since it’s original post (as I do from time to time).

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