Bisexual hermaphrodite dating sites

I know you can adopt/surragecy/fostering these days but not everyone feels able to do that.

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Now, it would apparently be possible for her to become pregnant in one set of organs/womb...some time later, pregnant in the other. I bet intersex people are more kind and understanding.

They think it is unlikely as one set will probably be properly mature and the other not......................... I would love to meet a intersex person date and see where it goes from there For me there is no dificult question here at all.

I have no idea how id react to an intersex person i met for dating.

Id like to think i would consider them as the whole balance of thier characteristics not just thier specific genitalia, but being a hetrosexual person if there are not enough "female" features to trigger subconcious attraction then i doubt it could work.

Sexual identify comes from many factors including genetics, hormones, upbringing etc.