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While Treasury says the law is meant to promote a fair, non-discriminatory market place for access to credit and provide uniform practices, Dr Njoroge feels that the bottom line of the proposals is to make CBK a toothless dog.

“In sum, this is financial sector equivalent of being asked to trade in your well-serviced SUV for a souped-up Subaru. These are summons to act with courage to defend and strengthen it, reviving our hope in the common vision of a modern CBK at the heart of a vibrant financial system.” Addressing the press at CBK headquarters yesterday, Njoroge said the bill contained nothing to sustainably address the concerns that led to the introduction of rate caps.

The anniversary was marked on Tuesday 22 May with a procession of women Ministers and supporters who walked up the Mound and into New College quad, where the Moderator lead prayers before entering the Assembly for the afternoon session.

The theme for this year's General Assembly and for the Heart and Soul festival was 'Peace be with you'.

On Tuesday, Nation team spotted a number of police cars with private number plates in the hospital, though the officers refused to comment on their mission.