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The film then chronicles Ruben's life as he attempts to do just that.It is at this juncture that the film is at its strongest.The supporting cast – Jack Thompson and Robyn Nevin as the estranged, alcohol-soaked parents; Alex Dimitriades as the caustic gay best friend; Jeremy Sims as the troubled boss and Harriet Dyer as the superficial flake from the AA group who ends up in his bed are all assured in their roles.

Well known to Australian television audiences from his roles in ‘Love My Way’ and “Life Support” and on stage in the Bell Shakespeare production of ‘Hamlet’ Cowell is an accomplished playwright with the highly acclaimed production at Belvoir Street of ‘Ruben Gutherie’, STC of ‘Bed'( Patrick White Playwright’s Award), ‘Morph’ and ‘Self Esteem’.

He was the winner of the Griffin Award with ‘Rabbit’.

His over the top bar, which amusingly stayed in situ during his abstinence, would not have disgraced the swankiest New York private club. It lacked enough wit to be considered a full comedy and required more bite.

Guthrie's story alone was not enough for a cinematic release.

Workshop Date: 18th September 2010 Cost: $80 including morning and afternoon tea and a light lunch.