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Beginning in the late eighth century, Swedish Vikings, known first to the Finns and then Eastern Slavs as the Rus or Rhos, made their way down the rivers and estuaries of Eastern Europe in an attempt to establish trading links with the Byzantine Empire.The most famous of these passages, later called “the Varangian Way,” traversed Russia by way of the Dnieper, then crossed the Black Sea to Constantinople…

() The famous one counts down the top party songs of all time on New Years Eve 2008-2009.

It's got some pretty cool in-jokes for radio folks (Why-MCA; "9") and most of all, it ROCKS!

He was "Mc Dougall in the Morning" at WTRY from 1980-85, and Sky Stewart at WFEA. Jim Nettleton's body of work includes gigs at WFIL and WABC - and while at WABC, he voice tracked at WCAU-FM.

Besides Nettleton who is always sounds professional and smooth, this station was TIGHT.

() Jim's Halloween shows were always a lot of fun, and this one is no exception.