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The building, which became known as the Spinning House, was "pleasantly situated near the fields at the south end of the parish of Great St Andrew's" (Stokes, 1911) — on what became St Andrew's Street.Part of the building was used to imprison vagrants and beggars who were employed in such tasks as beating hemp.

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When auctioned in 1838, the building was described as "a brick and slate dwelling house, with 8 rooms, and a kitchen under; with a yard and shed; situated in Sidney Street." St Andrew's the Great established a workhouse in 1756 in some rented tenements (Stokes, 1911) and in the 1777 parliamentary survey, the parish was reported as having a workhouse for 20 inmates.

Various plans to erecting a new workhouse were made but not implemented until 1829 when a building was erected in St Tibb's Row, St Andrew's Hill, next to the cattle market, and with a large frontage in the Red Lion Yard.

In 1802, an article in the Gentleman's Magazine reported: Cambridge Town Bridewell, Samuel Barker Keeper, is a square building surrounded by a boundary-wall of 15 feet high and about 5 feet from the prison; was originally bought and endowed for the encouragement of wool-combers and spinners of this town. They are ventilated by an iron grating over each door which has an aperture about 6 inches square.