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At first people got lost in his entire rant that they didn't quite catch on what the hell Antonio was so pissed off about, but then they realized it was yet another one of his long complaints about how Nick unappreciated the Latino community.

Here's a small and understandable segment of his near 20 minute rant.

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Nick would brag about how they had screwed Cartoon Network outta a crap load of money)at the time was so incredibly stupid not even 10 year olds could enjoy it.

The show featured many enjoyable segments (even though they were pointless, irrelevant, and at times vulgar), and the show's cast was rather enjoyable.

U-Pick Live was a popular talk show on Nickelodeon in the early-mid 2000s.

It featured a diverse cast of practically unknown scrubs looking to make an impact on daytime television; unfortunately, almost no network (including VH1, looking for a new cast for their show The Surreal Life) would take them, so they had to make due with Nick.

In fact she ranked #40 in People Magazine's 100 Most Narcissistic Celebrities), 10 seconds with Bret; a segment in which Brent did his best to either sell himself as an important member of the show or to promote his indie emo band, and a list of other pointless segments.

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