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The pair were photographed kissing at a petrol station in Malibu, packing on the PDA.When Michael Jackson died back in 2009, Paris impressed millions of viewers who were watching the King of Pop's funeral by getting up to speak.

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In 2015, the Washington Post claimed that Delevingne and Rodriguez almost had a run-in at a party, but the model left the venue immediately to avoid the possible encounter.

Is Paris Jackson dating Cara Delevingne after her split from Michael Snoddy?

According to witnesses, Cara, 25, and Paris, 19, were seen cuddling, kissing, and dancing together and at one point, Cara sat in Paris' lap while they waited for a table at the Carlitos Gardel steakhouse in LA.

It seemed like it may have been a double date because they were joined by Paris' godfather, . When they got up, they linked arms and their hands brushed one another. Cara was teaching Paris some steps and they were having a lot of fun." "At the end of their dance, they kissed.

On Saturday, Jackson, 19, and Delevingne, 25, were also photographed cuddling while out with the former’s godfather, Macaulay Culkin, and his partner, Brenda Song.