Carbon dating inaccuracy error fallacy

It is typical of these sorts of documents–much about how the future of mankind is doomed to suffer through increasingly erratic weather and other tribulations. Global Change Research Act of 1990, the federal government has been charged with producing large National Climate Assessments (NCA), and today the most recent iteration has arrived.So far in this series I have covered that Jesus did in fact exist (despite some conspiracy theories), and also the likelihood that Jesus is the Jewish Messiah given all the prophecy he has fulfilled (and the probability of doing so).

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Carbon dating inaccuracy error fallacy

That’s a far cry from the extremism of the National Assessment.

The second bit of missing information is sufficient to invalidate most of the Assessment’s predictions. The vertical axis is height (as measured by barometric pressure) and the horizontal axis is temperature change, in degrees C per decade.

The Dead Sea Scrolls appear to be the library of a Jewish sect, considered most likely the Essenes.

Near the caves are the ancient ruins of Qumran, a village excavated in the early 1950’s that shows connections to both the Essenes and the scrolls.

The first issue I will address is a question that I posed at the end of the last part in this series. If you are unsure as to what these are, the Dead Sea Scrolls “have been called the greatest manuscript discovery of modern times.